Signup Sheet: Indie Author Showcase


While we have room, in the Author Showcase, for 60 indie authors, we can only accommodate 10 in each of six specified genres. These include: Historical Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror/Paranormal, Thriller/Suspense and Young Adult. We are looking for high quality writing, editing and formatting that  represents the best work Indie Authors are producing. We also are exclusively promoting published long-form works of fiction. (Please do not send us unpublished works, books not available for sale at (or ebooks not available for sale at both and, works without either an ISBN number or an ASIN number,  short stories or short story anthologies.  Completing and submitting this sign-up form assures you that we will seriously consider your book for inclusion in the showcase.  However, it does not guarantee you a place.

Please understand that we have limited time and resources available for screening submissions. Some of the information  requested on the form is designed to guide us in our decision making.

To improve your chances of success, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Submit only what you consider to be your best work
  • Submit your book under as many genre headings as you believe appropriate, but no more than three.
  • Send us writing samples only from your final, published manuscript (not from a proof.)
  • Include details about any writing awards you and/or your book have received

Finally, complete your submission as soon as possible and provide us with as much detailed, verifiable information as you can about the size of your online social-media platform.  All other factors being equal, we will consider these last two items in making our final determinations.

One final tip: To find your current Amazon Book Rank go to register and/or login and follow the instructions.



20 responses to “Signup Sheet: Indie Author Showcase

  1. Okay, I’ve entered. I’ll wait your reply, Jon.

  2. Peter Meredith

    Thanks for the opportunity

  3. Just now entered! I hope I filled out everything right. Please let me know if you need any more information.

  4. Not sure I got everything the way you want it, but I did the best I could.

    • Not bad, RLB. Here’s where I need some clarification. The “3,084,815” while the highest absolute number is actually a much lower score than your current score, because “1” is the “highest” ranking Amazon gives. If your “current number” also is your highest, then you should list it twice, but if you were ever ranked “100” for instance, that’s what you would put here. Also, I do need your number of followers, friends, fans, etc. from the various social media. Thanks.

  5. I didn’t put down my number of of followers, friend, fans etc. as I see you are requesting above. What can I do about that?

  6. Just submitted for my novel Carrry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call. “Linking” to a chapter that is stored as a word.docx file took a bit of figuring out – perhaps that was an initiation into submitting the sign up sheet?! 🙂
    p.s. …while I didn’t click to submit an incomplete sign up sheet, I think an unfinished version of the submission got sent before I sent the completed final version. Sorry for any confusion

  7. Thank you for the opportunity. I’ve just submitted my debut novel. It is only a few weeks old and already people are telling me it’s hard to put down once started. I hope it makes the grade.

  8. Hi,
    I can’t tell you how excited I am to apply for inclusion in your promo event. But some of the requirements may need a little tweaking. Please let me know if the following is OK:
    I have several reviews/blurbs and comments I’d like to use in filling out the form, but I’d have to send them directly to you, as I don’t have links for them. Some came in email to me, some were in magazines, some are from my PR agent, etc. May I do that here or should I try to insert them into the boxes?

    Same question for the link to the chapters. I see someone else has had the same problem, but I haven’t figured out how they sent their chapters from their computers so I have 2 choices: wait until my web site designer posts them on my web site this weekend, or send them to you via this form. Which is better for you? I don’t want to lose out because I’m submitting too late.


    • Barb,

      You can include the actual reviews in the text boxes if there’s no other way to get the info to me, but I would really prefer links. As for the link to chapters, if your book is being sold via Amazon and you’ve included sample writing there, just give the link to your amazon sell page.

  9. Any chance at all you’ll be expanding the categories? To include, say, ridiculous travel comedies? I really want to get involved… oh, woe is the lot of the narrative non-fiction-er!

    • Tony, It’s possible. But first, I have to get the program launched as envisaged. It’s a fairly sizable task. Have patience.

      • Awesome, that’s great news! I shall delve deeply into myself and discover… well, probably something nasty and slippery and quite vital. Actually I think I’d be better off with this ‘patience’ thing you mention. Anyone got a link to where I can get that?
        Thanks Jon!

  10. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for your feedback about gathering links–made all the difference. (Amazing how easy..what was I thinking?) Anyway, I’ve filled out the form again so you’ll have it all in one place. If I’ve left anything out of this one perhaps it’s in my earlier form but with luck I’ve made it easier not harder for you!

    Looking forward to your decision. Thanks for the opportunity. Terrific idea!

    Barbara Reed

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