Sign Up for “The Last Way Station” Book Tour’s Indie Author Showcase

Jon Reisfeld, Author and Marketer

Welcome to my little book-marketing “experiment.”

Right after the New Year, I will launch The Last Way Station Book Tour & Indie Author Showcase, a two-month-long promotional extravaganza featuring a “mega book tour” (explanation to follow), a sweepstakes (with a Kindle Fire as the ‘Grand Prize’) and an Indie Author Showcase, where 60 lucky “indie” authors (Yes, my friends, this is an Indie Author exclusive!) will share the limelight with me as we redefine how to promote and sell books without the backing of traditional publishing houses. (Click here for a peek at the promo site home page.)

60 Days of Powerful, Free Exposure

Since I’m doing this to test, and refine, elements of a future book-marketing platform currently under development, I’ll be footing the bill. Those of you who sign up and get selected to fill the 60 available slots (10 each, in six major fiction genres) will ride along for free! And I couldn’t be happier about it! Of course, you will have certain requirements and expectations to meet as participants (like helping spread the word, providing some free ebook and paperback/hardcover book giveaways, participating in tour events and sharing your important feedback with me after the tour winds down.)

The goal of this experiment is to find a way to turn the “little drops in the ocean” that most indie book-marketing efforts amount to, into a great big, collective book-selling “splash.” The bigger the splash, the more books we should move.  If we make a big enough splash, who knows; we might change online book marketing forever! Click here to sign up!

How It Works

The Tour

The Tour

Our marketing campaign’s three main components — the Author Showcase, Sweepstakes and Virtual Book Tour — work together to boost the size, duration, intensity and yield of our collective marketing efforts.  In theory, the combination should enable each of us to market our books continuously, over 60 days, to a shared audience that contains the collective friends, followers, fans and contacts of 60 indie authors and 15 participating book bloggers. (That’s how we generate that “splash” I was talking about. ) Click here to sign up!

The Book Tour

Unlike most virtual book tours, this one will focus, prominently, on 60 indie authors, rather than just one. At least one-third of the book tour events will be group events: some genre-specific, some not. All featured authors will have the option to participate, for free in these high-profile events. They also can gain further exposure — even at events they do not participate in “live” —  by offering signed, book giveaways to attendees. (Yes, my book, “The Last Way Station,” will be featured, prominently, in about half of the events,  but the tour’s focus, like the showcase, will be much broader and far more inclusive than normal. Click here to sign up!

The Sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes, with its Kindle Fire Grand Prize and ebook prize bundles (you’ll learn more about this later), adds to the tour’s overall draw and appeal. Equally important, it gives our 15 book bloggers  a reason to continuously promote the contest to their networks, sending each others’ followers to the book tour site to enter the contest — and, hopefully, to discover and participate in the tour events, bringing additional traffic to all of the bloggers. At the same time, the tour site will expose visitors to the Author Showcase, leading many of them to explore it, discovering you … and your books. Click here to sign up!

The Sweepstakes

The Indie Author Showcase

The Author Showcase pays tribute to the creativity and writing skill of all Indie authors. (Click here for a peek at the landing page.) It provides a great platform for presenting and favorably positioning indie authors and their books to the world. Its six, genre-specific landing pages, describe and promote the distinctive merits, and pleasures, of each respective genre.  We also plan to use that space to prominently feature those genre authors and their books, in continuous rotation.

The site invites visitors to drill down to genre-specific book catalogs that display your books along with links that make learning about you and your books a breeze. Beneath each book’s thumbnail cover, visitors will find links to your websites, blogs, Goodreads profiles and book selling pages.

The Indie Author Showcase

The Author Showcase gives our individual book marketing efforts a common destination, and that changes everything.  For 60 days, we will invite our online friends and followers to stop by, and when they do, they will discover the book tour,  explore the Authors Showcase and enter the Sweepstakes. Together, they will create an enormous audience that everyone shares. Click here to sign up!

“Mega Tour” Defined

I promised I’d tell you what a “mega tour” is, but, by now, I’m sure you’ve figured it out. Nevertheless, here goes: The “Mega Tour” is a collective, online book marketing and promotional experience designed to attract a large audience and keep it engaged with ongoing attractions. It is nothing less than the ultimate cross-promotional win-win program for authors.

Well, by now, I hope you’re excited about this experiment. (If not, check your pulse!) Then, if you haven’t already done it, be sure to click here to sign up!


12 responses to “Sign Up for “The Last Way Station” Book Tour’s Indie Author Showcase

  1. NOOooooooooo!!!!!!
    I want to participate – I really, REALLY want to participate!
    But my book isn’t genre fiction! It’s a crazy travel comedy, about my adventure in Ecuador – so technically non-fiction…
    Or could I get away with sticking it in an ‘Adventure’ or ‘Comedy’ category?
    It’s getting fantastic reviews on Amazon, I wouldn’t be dead weight or anything – any chance we can find a niche for me?
    Best wishes,
    Tony James Slater
    (via Indie Writers Unite)

  2. When I earlier submitted my thriller COVERT DREAMS to you, I must have had a senior moment, because in your question about social media I misunderstood, and I answered: n/a. Instead, I should have answered the following: I am a very active contributor to the Amazon Kindle forums, to a wide variety of forums on Goodreads, and also on LibraryThing. I have many family members and friends who willingly post promos for me on Facebook. I have a very good relationship with Albert Robbins III, who sends social media promos all over.

  3. Where do bloggers sign up? 🙂

  4. As an author with several indie titles, I would love to be on board for this. It sounds like great fun. I’ve already signed up to host the tour on my blog and would love to contribute to the whole tour by giving away books.

  5. Hi Jon,
    I now have the actual link to my 2 (short) first chapters in Harmonic Deception (see below). I sent the rest of the form earlier. Please let me know if anything is not complete, or not sent the way you need it. Link is:

    btw, I think this is a brilliant promotional idea. A modern-day twist on a group of authors going out on the selling trail and hitting bookstores all across the country–but this is so much better. !!

    Barbara Reed
    Harmonic Deception

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