Book Blogger Signup for: The Last Way Station Book Tour

Kick Off the New Year with a Special Blog Tour Offering Massive Exposure

As one of 15 book bloggers selected to participate in The Last Way Station MegaBookTour(tm), you have the potential to reach a wide audience while you treat your readers to an exciting, new book-tour experience. The tour, which starts Jan. 2nd 2012, will enable you to:

  • Leverage the combined followings of 60 featured authors and 14 other book bloggers.
  • Build traffic throughout the 60-day event (which will run from Jan. 2, 2012 to Mar. 3, 2012.
  • Host two blog-tour events (one in each month).  One will feature tour sponsor, Jon Reisfeld, author of  The Last Way Station. The other will be a group book event, featuring a number of indie authors.
  • Offer your readers great giveaways from multiple authors. These will include: ebooks and signed paperback or hardback editions.
  • Direct them to a sign-up page, on the Book Tour’s promo site, where they can enter a tour-wide Sweepstakes offering a Kindle Fire as grand prize and generous ebook bundles as consolation prizes.

"The Last Way Station" describes Hitler's final judgment, in Hell.

In the tour promotional site’s, Book Tour section, visitors will find your blog site listed, prominently, as one of the 15 book-tour stops. Your listing will describe your site and its focus. It will also provide a direct link to it.  All of the tour’s promotional materials will direct readers to visit these pages, where they will find the dates, and details, of book-tour events.

The Tour site also will house the Indie Author Showcase, where all  60 featured indie authors will share center stage. General copy will stress the important contribution all Indie Authors make, to literature, and to the online reading experience. Visitors can browse through background information on each author, read book summaries and excerpts or follow links to the authors’ blogs and websites. The Showcase also will promote pricing information, including any special, tour-related discounts.

Finally, the site will house the official rules and entry form for the Tour Sweepstakes. Everyone will help promote the tour and sweepstakes to their respective audiences, and I will provide news releases and other marketing communications materials to support the process.

To reserve your place on the tour and to help us efficiently assign dates and events, please fill out the form below.

I Look Forward to Seeing You on the Tour!


2 responses to “Book Blogger Signup for: The Last Way Station Book Tour

  1. I would love to join the book tour to promote my supernatural thrillers that are getting great reviews. However, I live on the East coast

    • Cheyenne,
      I don’t know what gave you the idea that your location would be a problem. (I’m on the east coast, too.) And since this is going on the net, you could be virtually anywhere to participate as a writer/blogger. So, send it in!

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